9 Summer Beauty Problems Nobody Talks About — and How to Solve Them

9 Summer Beauty Problems Nobody Talks About — and How to Solve Them

Pebble hair, bronzirovanny skin, damp, new heat – so much of our favourite appearance of beauty are almost synonymous with a summer. Which is why it sucks very much, which a season when it we, assumes to look and feel that our flauntable also goes with such number of the hidden fight of beauty. From mysterious burns to the blockhead’s sweat this summer grief of beauty that all of us like to pretend that we have no — and what to make about them. Your summer schedule of beauty just became much more effective.

Margarita’s dermatitis

The sun shines, there is Margarita in your hand … and strange, splattery suntan which, will seem, won’t leave. Consider it good news / the scenario of bad news. Good news? That soiled redness couldn’t be suntan actually. Bad news? It can be the condition known as Margarita’s dermatitis. “The medical term for ‘Margarita’s dermatitis’ is phytophotodermatitis”, the dermatologist doctor Sedzhel Shah explains. “It is a condition which occurs when skin is exposed to the ultra-violet radiation while photoincrease in sensitivity of complexes is on a surface, causing phototoxic substance seditious reaction”. And yes, as you, perhaps, have assumed from a name, citric acid from your favourite summer drinks – a rigid optical sensitizer.

Of course, as with any problems with skin, the best decision – prevention, so to avoid potential irritation, make sure that used a lot of sunblock cream and have washed up your hands completely after compression of limes or other citrus not to stimulate those ultraviolet rays. If you already look red, doctor Shah offers a relevant steroid (as a hydrocortisone) for consideration of initial ignition. She adds, “As soon as the seditious phase is finished, there is, as a rule, a residual hyperpegmentation which often disappears naturally, but the shining cream can help”. Look for versions with the tested vitamin C (this – the editor Modnitsy the favourite) to help to level decolouration more quickly.


No matter, your type of a constitution, the beginning of a season of naked legs can also go with pleasure so-called “a chub, rub” which is almost so delightful to test as his name has to read. (Which has to tell, at all.) Grinding – a friction by-product — you know, a look which worsens those months baring skin when sweaty benefits of skin and tension against itself(himself) everywhere where it meets (think: the top parts of a hip, calfs, an internal part of your hands) the look leaving those spots of contact and feeling of crude.

There is many DIYs to prevention of terrible, rub, but all of them come down to two essential categories: storage of skin dries also creation of a barrier to protect him from irritation. The reference of the sweat causing resistance with powder of a body helps skin to slide freely without that power, and tension – a great opportunity for damp trips to work. During the bigger number of days for the street of the layer of silky balm protecting skin — Bodyglide have the main following among athletes for his ability to prevent grinding and bubbles, and the Rescue of the Hip of the Megakid loved at least by one editor of the Woman of fashion — can provide more endurance and to leave a skin look (and feeling) faultless.


While you can think of them as it is connected, a potnitsa and grinding – actually single questions, both strengthened by hot, damp weather. Potnitsa strikes you when your sweat glands become blocked then both by oil, and sweat grows under skin, causing redness and sometimes the itching blows.

Though experience can be unpleasant and irritating, the potnitsa, as a rule, leaves independently during the day or two. To accelerate process and to facilitate discomfort, the cooled treatment as gel of an aloe can help to calm signs quickly.

Keratoz Pilaris

Though you could not know his name, many of us are familiar with a look and feeling of bumpy “chicken skin” which can unexpectedly arise on hips or back parts of our hands. Keratoz of pilaris appears when protein of a keratin grows around hair follicles on a body, both shoulders and hips are especially susceptible.

Though the exact reason of a condition remains to the unknown, apparently, there is a genetic component. This also especially visible at people with dry skin, the dermatologist doctor Annie Chiu says. Sweating and irritation can make a condition more obvious which does the seasonal prime time baring skin for concern of KP.

As the reasons are still not clear, unfortunately there is no medicine for a keratoz of pilaris, but the recouping building of a keratin can help to reduce the appearance. “The stratified products as alpha oxyacids (AHAs) and Retinolums can promote faster commodity turnover of a cell of skin and force KP to seem to more smooth while you use products”, doctor Chiu says. (We like Dermatodoktor Telo of the Duty of KP Scub which is definitely formulated to treat кератоз pilaris.) Shah adds that on duty the chemical thin skin and laser therapy can also be useful to those who don’t see results of off-exchange means.

Striped autosuntan

The grown hair can be a year-round problem for those who have a shave, but the season of a bathing suit can make the spots that inflated, irritated especially obvious. They – the result of receiving hair, has won popularity skin as it leaves a pod, and then is restored on itself, going deep into skin and becoming ignited.

To help to parry ingrowns, doctor Shah recommends regular ex-flattening (see the options offered in the above-mentioned section) in the area you have a shave to interfere with that dead cells of skin have trapped hair in pods. Similarly, she adds, “Having a shave, use a new edge and shaving gel or cream and shaving in the direction of growth. Immediately subsequently apply some hydrocortisone to reduce ignition”.

Some people are especially subject to the grown hair — the curling types are especially susceptible — therefore if ex-flattening and the having a shave methods still leave, you looking bumpy, try to switch to waxing or hair removal cream which leaves repeatedly growing hair less sharp and inclined to an obstacle as it leaves a pod, or consider the choice of more constant decision with laser removal of hair.

Blockhead’s sweat

According to science, the average person has more than 2 million sweat glands on their body. According to a brassiere you carried all day in a summer heat, about 1 million from that is on your boobs. Even worse, those warm, damp conditions can also make a big spawning area for fungal infections (think mycosis, but on your breast. Yay!).

Make one general itself fixes for the blockhead’s sweat: good, old-fashioned deodorant. Aluminum salts in deodorants work to interfere with that sweat has avoided your sweat glands whether there is it under your hands or under your breast. There are backs to a method — only true deodorants will help, thus, the natural deodorizing adherents will be unlucky. Besides, doctor Chiu warns that, “Over time, the deodorant can be irritating to vulnerable areas which are exposed to big friction and rubbing, such, as under a breast”. The additional choice consists in trying powder as Magnificent Silky Underwear which uses mix of clay of a kaolin and corn starch to absorb sweat and to keep your bra “on stones” new and dry.

As for those other problems drawn then? Storage of skin on your dry breast will help to reflect conditions which allow mushrooms grow, but if you really notice the naggers, flaking or breaking up of skin, off-exchange antifungal cream have to achieve the objective.

Cosmetics thawing

The most important factor in processing of cosmetics watches which the whole day will last through heat, and the humidity is printed directly at the end of your favourite products: structure. Movie shapers as silicones and акрилат – and akrilamidny polymers create molecular chains that the help prevents particles of cosmetics to drift (any coincidence that they – the main component in many caps and waterproof formulas). Look for products which show them highly in lists of components for the maximum endurance. In the same way the formula is of great importance: While powders can resemble a way to go to absorb oil, cream and gels – actually your best choice for the remaining powder because of a way which their particles hold the friend the friend.

It doesn’t mean that rise far oil is the bad idea, nevertheless. Actually, for cosmetics watch which the whole day will last, the pachkaniye is important. Begin as you apply the cosmetics, pressing pure fabric on your person, focusing on spots, inclined to smoothness, as your T-zone, and then a rate during the day with a package of blotting paper (we are pleasant) to stop Techa reduction before it begins.

Body spots

Unless in Alanis Morissette’s words not ridiculously what season when you, most likely, show skin, is also time when you, most likely, find the body upholstered with spots? The same as they can on your face, sweat and a time of the block of a butterdish on your body, with a breast, a back and the butt which is usually broken areas. Unfavourable as that is, result – the fact that disagreements, you already have that you have to resist against bacne sitting in your first-aid kit.

Body spots, as a rule, answer the same components and treatments which your spots persons do as salicylic acid and peroxide of a benzoil. Even better you shouldn’t worry almost also that being overzealous his and finishing dry, peeled spots on your body therefore don’t emphasize too much about control. “I usually give the products of patients and plans concerning a body which can be stronger as skin of a body is less sensitive”, Chiu says. To cover the maximum surface area, the body gels and splashes containing medicinal substance as Paula’s Choice, Transparent Spray for a body of spots can be solution for a victory (and to save to you a lot of time, in comparison with consideration of a spot).

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